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Dov Hyman, President
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President of Dolin International Trade and Capital, LLC. Has responsibility for overseeing, structuring and implementing Dolin's various corporate advisory activities specializing in creating and implementing Industrial Participation and Offset programs as well as facilitating trade, technology and investment flows into and from emerging markets.

Mr. Hyman has been involved in international trading and international trade finance activities since 1979. Prior to founding Dolin, Dov was a Senior Vice President at Ecoban Finance Limited and managed the firm's countertrade & offset activities. During his 19 year tenure at Ecoban, Dov successfully fulfilled in excess of $850 million of countertrade, tech transfer, and offset obligations in various countries including South Korea, Thailand, The Philippines, India, Italy, Israel, Australia, Greece, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Dov has also structured and implemented clearing transactions between Russia & China, and Russia & India. Prior to Ecoban, Dov was a Vice President at Recycling Resources Inc. a textile and commodity-trading group. While at Recycling Resources, Dov traded a variety of commodities into emerging markets with a primary focus on sub-Saharan Africa, especially Nigeria, South Africa, India, Pakistan & Bangladesh as well as the Pacific Rim.

Mr. Hyman holds a BA from Brandeis University and an MBA from New York University. Mr. Hyman has delivered various presentations on countertrade, offsets and technology transfer to the Global Offset Countertrade Association ("GOCA"), the US Defense Industry Offset Association ("DIOA"), The Asia Pacific Countertrade Association, and The UK Defense Manufacturers Association as well as lecturing on various forms of international trade finance for various colleges and universities. He is an Executive Board Member of the GOCA, and since 1998, has taken an active role as Host in many of the joint GOCA DIOA industry gatherings.

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