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Dario Werthein – Argentina thin divider line

Based in Bueños Aires Argentina, Dario is an accomplished banker, investor, and trade financier. He is Board Member of the Werthein Investment Management Group and a Director of Caja De Ahorro Y Seguro S.A. Dario enjoys close working relationships with many key financiers and industrialists throughout South America.

China Flag
Erik Siao – Peoples Republic of China thin divider line

Based in Beijing, PRC, Erik has over 25 years of successful and profitable experience in facilitating trade, trade finance and investment into the PRC. Erik has been involved in structuring and implementing many commodity, project and structured trade financings. He has extensive relationships in the PRC many key public and private industry sectors.

Israel Flag
Daniel Furman – Israel thin divider line

Based in Tel Aviv, Daniel is the President of ARBA Finance Company, which has provided merchant banking services to Israeli and international corporate and private clients. Activities include capital formation, venture capital, mergers and acquisitions, initial offerings, and project and export finance. Since the year 2000, Arba has created and managed a private equity portfolio financed by a group of clients.

Thailand Flag
Sanit Nakajitti – Thailand thin divider line

Based in Bangkok, Khun Sanit is the founding partner and Managing Director of Naka Interbusiness which provides Advisory Services to companies selling to, investing in and trading with Thailand. Sanit has a broad network of relationships in key government, defense, and major business groups in Thailand. Sanit has worked with Dolin’s management on the successful fulfillment of many Thai Countertrade programs.

India Flag
PM John – India thin divider line

Based in Calcutta, PM John is the Chairman & Managing Director of Meter Private Limited which has branch offices in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore. For about 50 years, Meteor has been actively involved in the trading and financing of various commodities and manufactured products. Meteor enjoys a distinguished reputation as one of India’s premier commodity groups and is best known for their integrity and respected network of relationships with key public and private sector entities throughout the country.

Brazil Flag
Renato Abucham – Brazil thin divider line

Based in Sao Paulo, for over 35 years Renato has been involved in Brazil in creating and implementing structured trade and project financings, clearing arrangements, countertrade programs, and merger and acquisitions programs. Renato has successfully concluded transactions aggregating in excess of one and half billion dollars. Renato has developed and maintains a strong network of relations in Brazil with key manufacturers, exporters, importers, bankers, and Ministries.

Canada Flag
Stanley H. White - Toronto, Canada thin divider line

Based in Toronto, Stanley is the founder and President of S.H. White and Associates. Stan has been involved in countertrade and offset activities since 1981, when he joined the Phillip Brothers countertrade team where he worked on structuring and implementing their countertrade activities. Stan’s countertrade experience has included trading cocoa, sugar, metals and minerals. Stan has executed monetization, countertrade and relief effort projects in various emerging markets on behalf of both private sector companies as well as Non-Governmental organizations based in Canada and elsewhere.

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